VSP-330 Voice Synth Plus (Sneak Preview)


Here’s another sneak preview of the upcoming¬†VSP-330 Voice Synth Plus – a software recreation of the classic Roland VP-330, used prominently by Vangelis in the 80’s .

Pricing and availability are to be announced. 

via FlakeStick:

Version 2 beta sound test of my Voice Synth Plus VST plugin. Ready for download soon – stay tuned!

Added Features:
– Stunning new GUI looks more like a vintage instrument
– “pitch set” knob for the pitch shift slider
– “tune” knob like the original, global detuning by +/- 50 cents
– ensemble controls: rate, depth, amount
– power button!
– and a wicked new feature….OSC2 detuning! OSC2 is the source for Male 8′ and string Bass 16′. Instead of OSC2 being restricted to one octave below OSC1, pitch intervals can now be set. You can also make OSC2 be very close to OSC1 tuning, resulting in two voice unison detuned-type sounds. It takes the classic VP-330 sound to a whole new level – you will not believe your ears!

The audio was recorded in Cubase on four tracks w/ no other processing added – ALL VSP-330!

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