Mopho To Go Turns iPhone, iPad Into A Controller For Dave Smith Instruments Mopho

Mopho To Go (App Store link) is a third-party app that’s designed to turn anĀ iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch into a wireless controller for a Mopho synthesizer connected to a Mac or PC, or connected directly to an iPad with USB Camera Connection Kit.


  • Mopho To Go adds a knobtastic, retro control panel to the Mopho module. Rotate iPad to landscape orientation for controls, Rotate iPad to portrait orientation for a full two octave plus keyboard.
  • Mopho To Go provides an octave of full width keys and multi-touch controls for Mopho Oscillators (shape, freq, fine, glide,) Mixer (mix,sub1,sub2,noise) and filter and amplifier envelopes (delay,attack,sustain,release,) audio mod, resonance, levels, BPM, Modulation, Pan, Volume, Channel, Program and Bank Select.
  • Mopho To Go is CoreMIDI compatible. No additional server software or downloads necessary.
  • Mopho To Go is a universal app for all iOS Devices.

Mopho to Go is $.99.

If you’ve used Mopho to Go, leave a comment and let us know what you think of it.

3 thoughts on “Mopho To Go Turns iPhone, iPad Into A Controller For Dave Smith Instruments Mopho

  1. Not pug’n’play for me. Downloaded the app, and using an Alesis IO dock connected to a mopho module, the best I can get is a short splash screen when I try to start the app up. It kicks out immediately. Couldn’t even find mention of this product at the support website published in the itunes store app page. No joy here yet!

  2. App has never worked on my phone or ipad. Just splash screen and crash. Wish I had looked for more info about it before buying but Dave smiths web site said it was a great app to work with the mopho keyboard so I trusted it

  3. The app never starts. I’ve downloaded it, however i payed for it, but never could use because it is permanently crashing.
    No fun, no recommended, dislike.

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