GuitarScapes Guitar Sample Library For Reason 5

Nucleus SoundLab has introduced GuitarScapes for Propellerhead Reason 5 and Record – a ReFill that explores the sonic possibilities offered by well-sampled guitars inside the Reason 5 environment.

GuitarScapes takes a wide variety of synthetic and realistic guitar samples and then mangles them beyond recognition.


  • 1.2GB+ of 24/16-bit 44khz samples.
  • 223 Custom Combinators – each one unique and featuring all 4 Rotaries, Buttons and Modwheel mapped to intelligent assignments.
  • 46 of the above Combinators are for Reason+Record – these unique Combinators are exclusively built using Record amps and FX and as such require Reason 5 + Record.
  • 63 Basic Combinators – featuring a single sampleset with a chain of useful FX.
  • 55 NN19 Patches
  • 25 NN-XT Patches
  • 8 Demo songs packed inside the ReFill as RNS files.
  • PDF Design documentation for each patch, detailing important aspects of its design, inspiration and performance.
  • Requires Reason 5.

GuitarScapes is available now as a ReFill for $59. 

Here’s what Nucleus SoundLab has to say about GuitarScapes:

Sampled guitar has always been a bit of a conundrum in the audio industry.  Either it doesn’t sound realistic in the slightest, or its very complex to sequence and perform with.  Many experienced producers will tell you, for those requiring the absolute in realism there is still no substitute for a real guitar.  So our goal with GuitarScapes was to let go of the realism requirements imposed by past sample libraries and instead focus on creating bold, new, and exciting sounds.  GuitarScapes takes the sampled guitar to a new universe, while still keeping the spirit of guitar sound intact.

GuitarScapes is built upon a very solid foundation of sampling.  A variety of guitars were sampled in detail at 24-bit 96khz quality (before careful downsampling).  Multiple pickup positions as well as up/downstrokes were captured on two of the most detailed samplesets. Besides this realworld sampling, a wide variety of analog, FM, additive and physical modelling synths were used to create a rich and complex set of guitar-like timbres.  All of these samples were then hand-processed for perfect trims and loops, before being imported into the Reason 5 environment for patch creation.  The very best in Reason patch designers were called in for the job – including Jeremy Janzen, Adam Fielding, Shaun Wallace, Lewis Osborne, Tom Pritchard, and Joseph Mizelle.

The final product of nearly 24 months of effort is the GuitarScapes ReFill.  Inside you’ll find vocoded hybrid pads, sequenced ‘almost-real’ plucks, rock-solid bass guitars, monstrous distorted monoleads, classic filtered arpeggios/chords, cinematic ethnic strings and even frighteningly realistic acoustic and electric guitars – if your track calls for simplicity.  Beyond that, if you own both Reason and Record, you will be pleased to hear a very special set of patches was created that takes advantage of the Record-exclusive Line6 Amp and Neptune pitch-shifter!  Of course, as a Nucleus SoundLab ReFill, GuitarScapes also features extensive PDF documentation to help users harness GuitarScapes in their productions.

Details at the Nucleus SoundLab site.

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