Jean Michel Jarre’s Elka Synthex Preset

This video demonstrates the source of Jean Michel Jarre‘s famous “laser harp” sound – an Elka Synthex preset.

First we find out that the synth master finger synced his early performances – now that he uses presets. Quel dommage!

Jarre made this sound memorable, though, through both his music and his iconic laser harp performances.

via wavebox2011:

“C’est le sound que fait la musique”.

Mister Jarre’s Laser Harp has written history, even if it’s just a controller and the real Laser Harp sound comes from an Elka Synthex, which is doing its job in the background.

Some say that Jean-Michel Jarre used the Synthex’s factory preset, while others claim he modified or even recreated it for his music. Never mind who’s right or wrong – it’s a classic and really good synthesizer sound. Let’s have a listen, directly at the source…

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