Roland TR-808 Samples, Now With More ‘Mojo’, By Goldbaby

Super Analog 808Does the world need another Roland TR-808 drum machine sample library?

Not unless it offers something new – which is exactly what Loopmsters promises with Goldbaby’s Super Analog 808, a sample library featuring high quality TR-808 samples by Goldbaby.

Here’s Goldbaby’s explanation:

For a start the 808 is one of my favorite drum machines! Secondly I thought I could offer something a little different. This sample pack has been recorded at a higher sampler rate and has extensive Round Robin treatment to recreate the feel and movement of an analog drum machine. The Tape808 used tape to give it extra Mojo… this time I have used some new high end outboard. Tasty…

Is there anything else that is different?

Yes there certainly is. This pack has tuned chromatic BD and Conga patches. So you can play them on your keyboard!


  • 1168 x 24 bit / 96 kHz wav files.
  • Instrument patches for: Battery 3, EXS24, Kontakt 3.
  • Patches make use of extensive Round Robin mapping for a more analog feel.
  • Also includes tuned Chromatic BD and Conga patches (Kontakt, EXS24, Battery).
  • Note: the GURU pack includes the samples + Drum Mashine patches for Guru.

Guru Pack contains:

  • 1168 x 24 bit / 96 kHz wav files
  • Drum Mashine patches for Guru

Super Analog 808 is available now from Loopmasters for £24.95 GBP.

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