Teenage Engineering OP-1 Demo Videos

This set of videos, via djthomaswhite, starts off with unboxing the new Teenage Engineering OP-1 synthesizer, and then dives into first impressions and demos of working with the synth.

Teenage Engineering OP-1 Endless Sequence & Tape

Teenage Engineering OP-1 Drums, Sampler Info & Pattern Sequencer

Teenage Engineering OP-1 Drums, Punch FX & Grid FX

15 thoughts on “Teenage Engineering OP-1 Demo Videos

  1. Somebody call me when the $10 iPad version is available. ffs.

    Is this what guys talk about when they talk about how they love having a tactile experience? lol.

  2. Reminds me of cheap Casio synths of old, or something you can buy from Toys.r Us and hey, it's got 1 speaker built in as well…
    Than again, Roland TB-303 was regarded as useless toy as well and look what happened to it years later 😉

  3. Other than the nifty form factor, I don't understand what it has to offer over the hundreds of other solutions out there–hardware and software. As far as can tell, I could have a netbook running Reason 1.0 for less money and it would do more.

  4. I'm not sure what to think about this one… I guess it's cool that small operations are still making unique dedicated hardware… If I was rich, I'd certainly try it out.

    The "tape" concept is really smart. It reminds me of a baby version of what renoise does.

  5. Creative people could make some kickass sounds with this. For those who dont like it then get a job and stop worrying about the price.

  6. Man, I want that thing bad. I wish everybody thought like the commentors above, then I could get my hands on 1. Unfortunately, that's not the case….

  7. Unboxings, lol. Indeed. The OP-1 fanboys are really starting to put us Apple fanboys to shame. I've never seen so much excitement or praise for something that is almost entirely unproven in terms of usability or build quality. Oh my.

    Honestly, I'd rather drink my own urine than make music on that thing. I'm a hater. Confirmed. I've no problem whatsoever dialing in great sounds on the iPad via something like the iMS-20, but if I'm going to be needing tacktile then please give me something of substance – like a REAL MS-20 – instead of these dinky buttons and tiny keys. Oi! lol.

  8. SONOIO (Alessandro Cortini) was sporting one of these (an almost nothing else) live at SXSW the other day. Since he's a dude a respect and usually uses Buchla synths, I trust this must have some magic juice in it. Trent Reznor was tweeting about it, also.

    I hope I can get to try one before I decide to drop 7 hundie on the little guy.

  9. This is a beautiful machine.

    I'm a complete synth nerd and a designer, and I can tell you guys that the attention to detail that Teenage Engineering has put into every aspect of this synth is extraordinary. Everything from the extensive features to the interface to the physical design of the hardware iteself. The graphics, the packaging, EVERYTHING is exquisite. This synthesizer is a landmark synthesizer, probably the most iconic and anticipated synth to come out in more than 20 years.

    Sure there is ground-breakingly new here. But it is the unique combination of well designed features they have squeezed into this beautiful little box that is soo amazing. Teenage Engineering has finally come along and used modern technology to create a synthesizer that is simple, intuitive to use and most of all, FUN!

  10. For those of you complaining about the price, I have to agree with Kyle. Get a job! This is very cheap in the realm of high-quality outboard gear. Ipad may be fun, but this is a serious creative tool with real potential. Real DJs and producers will know you have to have tactile feedback. Its not an opinion really, its just a fact. Real guitarists dont play guitar on an ipad either.

    I'm not sure how many of these they are going to make, but I would predict that these will become extremely collectible for audiophiles around the world.

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