Force Sensing Resistor (FSR) For Synthesizers

Dude’s FSR (Force Sensing Resistor) is a $100 module that can be used to add a pressure-sensitive control wherever you need it.

Here’s what Dude has to say about the FSR:

this device is a passive unit standalone force sensing resistor box with 1/4? or 3.5mm jack connectors. it requires no power of any kind. it makes no sound or signal whatsoever unto itself. it has been tested to pass voltages between -5 to +10 volts, but will likely pass wider ranging signals with no problem.

the pads (which are the actual resistors themselves), when untouched, inherently stop almost all signals (that we will deal with). there is a very small amount of signal bleed which can be heard/witnessed if the incoming signal is hot and the output monitored at a high volume level. this bleed is natural. these devices are not meant for deeply precise processing. they are meant for fun interactive play-time.

Above, the FSR demonstrated with a variety of Moog MoogerFoogers. 

via 7thDanSound:

Get yours here!

The FSR is ideal for working with the Moog MoogerFooger pedals as they have plenty of voltage control possibilities. But what makes it so easy is that the MoogerFoogers supply their own control voltage on the ring of the control inputs for use with passive devices such as the Moog foot pedal. As the FSRs are passive this is a great feature. They are unattenuated however and as the FSRs are slightly sensitive ideally you’d need some kind of attenuator, like in the CP251.

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