djay For iPad Gets Update

DJ Softwarealgoriddim has announced an update to their djay for iPad.

djay for iPad 1.1 offers:

  • 3 additional Cue Points: Allows the user to instantly jump to different parts of the song e.g. for remixing and beat-juggling
  • Auto Loop: Continuously repeat part of a song as a live effect, features on-the-fly half/double of loop duration
  • Manual Loop: Precisely define loop bounds, quantized to the beat, with instant reloop trigger
  • Bounce Loop: Remix a song on-the-fly by mashing up its beats
  • Level Meter Swipe: Users have the ability to easily fine-tune a song’s audio gain with a swiping motion on the level meters
  • BPM column in music library: Enables users to see the BPM automatically detected by djay’s audio analysis while browsing songs in the iTunes library, making it easier to choose songs with a similar tempo
  • Compatibility with Bluetooth audio devices: Users can now also stream their mix live to their favorite wireless Bluetooth device

These new options are added to existing capabilities including its direct link to the user’s iTunes library, Automix mode, live recording and Auto-Cut Scratching.

djay for iPad 1.1 is available for $19.99 from the App Store.

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