The Voice Of Bob Moog

The Voice Of Bob Moog, by Hans-Jörg Scheffler, is a video promo for the new Eric Persing/Spectrasonics fundraiser for The Bob Moog Foundation:

I had the privilege to take part in the Spectrasonics Tribute project for the Moog Foundation.
Together with 44 fellow sounddesigners like Eric Persing, Hans Zimmer, Richard Devine, Jean Michel Jarre, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Jordan Rudess, Jan Hammer, Eddie Jobson, Diego Stocco and others i helped creating a library of 700 patches that use more than 2 GB of unique samples for Omnisphere.

Details at the Spectrasonics site.

2 thoughts on “The Voice Of Bob Moog

  1. I would love to participate in the competition and I know the proceeds of the sample purchase go directly to the Moog foundation but $100 is steep right now- the thing that kills I’m sure they are all top notch patches. Anybody got $100 :/

  2. Fair criticism.

    But this fundraiser is really focused on the Omnisphere community and I'm guessing the list of artists that contributed to this project will make purchasing the library a no-brainer for a lot of users.

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