Win The Moog + iPad OMG-1 Synthesizer

Spectrasonic’s Eric Persing has announced the OMG-1 Contest, an opportunity to win Persing’s custom-built Moog + iPad monster synth, while helping to preserve the memory of Bob Moog.

The contest is a benefit for The Bob Moog Foundation – an organization that seeks to preserve the legacy of Moog and his work. 100% of the proceeds from this contest will go to supporting the projects of the Bob Moog Foundation, including their MoogLab student outreach program, the creation of the future ‘Moogseum’ and their efforts to preserve and share Dr. Moog’s extensive archives.

Here are the contest details:

The Grand Prize

In addition to numerous special prize winners, one person will win Eric Persing’s custom OMG-1 – a one of a kind synth which integrates the worlds of analog synthesis, computers, software synthesis and the latest multi-touch surfaces into one instrument.

The OMG-1 combines a Moog Little Phatty, Omnisphere, Mac Mini, dual iPads, dual iPods, and Omni TR – into a hand-crafted curly maple cabinet. The OMG-1 will be presented to the contest winner at the 2011 Moogfest in October; Spectrasonics will fly the grand prize winner to the event.

Get Creative

To enter the contest, first purchase and download the new Bob Moog Tribute Library for Omnisphere, then write some great music utilizing the sounds. When you are finished with your track, upload your submission. You can enter multiple times, but the submission deadline is July 15th, 2011. The winners will be announced on the Spectrasonics website on September 15th, 2011. See the contest site for details.

The Bob Moog TRIBUTE Library

Produced by Eric Persing, the new Bob Moog Tribute library consists of over 700 sounds for Omnisphere – created by 40 of the world’s top artists and sound designers. The new soundsources were developed using rare Buchla Modulars, the EMS Synthi AKS, Hans Zimmer’s massive Modular Moog and the OMG-1 itself.

Contributing Artists and Sound Designers include:

  • Hans Zimmer
  • Vince Clarke
  • Jean Michel Jarre
  • The Crystal Method
  • Danny Elfman
  • Jordan Rudess
  • Bernie Worrell
  • Richard Devine
  • Jan Hammer
  • Money Mark
  • Patrick Moraz
  • Diego Stocco
  • Ryuichi Sakamoto
  • Roger Joseph Manning Jr.
  • Eddie Jobson
  • Morgan Page
  • Fredwreck
  • Steve Porcaro
  • The Moog Cookbook
  • Tara Busch
  • Keith Shocklee
  • Michael Boddicker
  • Larry Fast/Synergy
  • Eric Persing
  • Jack Hotop
  • Howard Scarr
  • Erik Norlander
  • Dave Spiers
  • Scott Frankfurt
  • Ignacio Longo
  • Tolga Gurpinar
  • Adam Hawk
  • Ryeland Allison
  • John Lehmkuhl
  • Amin Bhatia
  • Brian Kehew
  • Chris Martirano
  • Steve Tavaglione
  • Huston Singletary
  • Hans Joerg Scheffler
  • Jack Mazzotti
  • Artemiy Pavlov
  • Bob Rice
  • Jeff Bova
  • Andrew Schlesinger

Contest Rules

  • Create and submit your own original music using the Bob Moog Tribute Library for Omnisphere
  • All Registered Omnisphere customers who purchase the Bob Moog Tribute Library are eligible to enter
  • Spectrasonics Employees, Affiliates and Tribute Library Contributing Artists are not eligible to enter
  • CRITERIA: Creativity, Originality, Production, Composition, Arrangement, Sound Design skills will be evaluated
  • STYLE: Any genre of music is welcome – vocal or instrumental
  • LENGTH: No longer than 10 minutes per track
  • FORMAT: mp3 (320k preferred)
  • DEADLINE: Submission entries must be received by midnight PST on July 15, 2011
  • JUDGING: Winners chosen by Tribute Library Contributing Artists and Spectrasonics Team


  1. Don’t submit anything you don’t completely own all the rights to
  2. You keep all the copyrights/intellectual property rights to your submission
  3. Keep it clean – we reserve the right to disqualify any entrant based on offensive material
  4. You grant Spectrasonics and the Bob Moog Foundation the right to use your track for promotional purposes

Here are photos & details on the OMG-1 synthesizer.

The OMG-1 Synthesizer Features:

  • Moog Little Phatty analog synthesizer
  • Internal Mac Mini™
    2.66GHz Intel Core 2 Duo
    8GB memory
    256GB Solid State Drive
    Mini Displayport Video
  • 2 Apple iPads
  • 2 Apple iPods
  • Akai LPF-25 secondary mini-keyboard
  • Built-in Airport Express™ Wireless network
  • XLR Main Computer Audio Outputs
  • Optical Digital I/O Computer Audio
  • DB25 Multipin connector for rear audio outputs of iPads/iPods
  • DC25 to 1/4 andTT cable snakes included
  • Hinged iPad and iPod Doors for service access
  • Rear Panel Sustain, Expression/Modulation Pedals included
  • Custom SKB Flight Case included
  • Custom Studio Slips™ soft gig bag and dust cover included

6 thoughts on “Win The Moog + iPad OMG-1 Synthesizer

  1. @ Makis- yea agreed and $100 at that! I was thinking like 25-50. granted all the proceeds go the Moog foundation but still $100 is a impossible amount right now.

    1. $100 plus $500 for Omnisphere is a pretty high barrier to entry.

      Seems to me, though, that Eric Persing is really bending over backwards to ask Omnisphere users to help support The Bob Moog Foundation. And, based on the list of contributors to the sound library, it will be a no-brainer purchase for a lot of the people that can drop $500 on a software synthesizer.

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