New Synth From Native Instruments, Razor

Native Instruments released this teaser video for a new synth, Razor, developed in collaboration with Berlin-based producer Errorsmith. They’re hyping it as a dubstep synth, but it’s a hybrid additive synthesizer with built-in tempo-synced effects.

We can say nor more at this time – but it can do more than wobble basses.

“Razor is a synthesizer i developed in collaboration with Native Instruments,” says Errorsmith. “It’s programmed in Reaktor, a modular software synthesizer.  You don’t need to own Reaktor in order to use it. Razor can be loaded in the free Reaktor Player software.”

11 thoughts on “New Synth From Native Instruments, Razor

  1. It's nice to see somebody is designing a synth with dubstep in mind. I'm not that interested in creating "wobbles", but I do like that grimy sound of dubstep synths

  2. furthermore.. this NI synth looks cool, probably sounds amazing.. but to achieve a lot of that grime that you spoke about liking.. try effecting your music with things other than canned effects filters… etc.. Noisia put a video on youtube with one of their methods…. it involved a roland sh 202 or 101, shitty mic, shitty speaker and a cup using the cup to filter… all Im sayin.. is try using more than what's expected to get your results. you can do more than you think with what you have

  3. I do know what you mean about that sound being around longer then dubstep and I am a fan of DnB. Also, thanks for the advice, I'll have to check out that video.

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