Build A Track In 40 Minutes In Ableton Live

This video, via AirbaseOfficial, takes a real-time look at building a track from scratch in Ableton Live:

As a little treat, I here offer a 40 min video, showing how I would go about when I start working on a new track myself. My tempo, no voice overs, just producing. Enjoy!

Not made in studio, just on the go with a laptop.

13 thoughts on “Build A Track In 40 Minutes In Ableton Live

  1. Not my kind of music, but that was extremely insightful nonetheless. A look into someone else's creative process as well as how they use Ableton to shape their sounds is always a treat.

  2. Well I didn't watch the whole video but I would say that I would like to see more people make videos like this. Also, is Live really so good that everybody is using it? Seems like there are more tutorials for Live then anything else.

  3. I'm quite the Live addict and I'm very tempted to say "Yes" but…

    I think the main issue is that Live is relatively easy to use and start with, thus its picked up by many people which (IMO) also explains the amount of tutorials.

    Keep in mind though: quantity doesn't make quality. (not insinuating that either Live or the many tutorials aren't any good, just a common remark here).

  4. I deplore the use of pre-made loops and presets, but man am I impressed by his willingness to experiment and scrap perfectly good sounding ideas for minutely better sounding results. As for the genre, i don't give a shit it sounds good so who cares.

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