Ian Boddy & Parallel Worlds ‘Exit Strategy’

Ian Boddy Parallel Worlds Exit StrategySynthesis Bakis Sirros (Parallel Worlds) sends word of a new collaboration with Ian Boddy, Exit Strategy.


Both Boddy & Sirros have a long, well documented love of analogue modular synthesisers and the organic sounds and rhythms these instruments can produce, so in many ways it was inevitable that these two musicians would collaborate at some point.

Sirros started the ball rolling with the composition of a series of both ambient soundscapes and more structured multilayered compositions. These featured his unusual pulsing, throbbing analogue percussion layers, warm soundscapes and beguiling melodies that are in many ways a signature sound of Parallel Worlds.

Boddy took this raw material and shaped, arranged and sculpted it into a series of seven inter-linked tracks that form a musical narrative that runs throughout Exit Strategy. Adding his glissando keyboard sound that was premiered on his album Slide (DiN31 2008) Boddy brought an emotional focus to the album which, whilst it may seem to journey through dark, subterranean territory has some glorious melodic highlights.

Previews are available at the DIN label site.

The album features lots of modular (and other) electronic music gear:

Doepfer A100 wall, Serge modular monster, Technosaurs Selector system-D, Arp Odyssey, EMS VCS3 (modded), EMS Random Voltage Generator, Korg MS20, MS50, VC10, SQ10, Trident, PE1000, Roland System-100, System-100m (3 cabinets), Oberheim 4-voice (modded), Analogue Systems RS-Integrator, Analogue Solutions Concussor, Metalbox/CGS modular, (euro system with Livewire, Plan B, 4ms, Cyndustries, Malekko, Makenoise, Harvestman modules), Waldorf microwave XT, Microwave I, Oberheim OB-Mx, Nord Modular, Korg stage echo, Roland space echo, korg ms02, Roland tr606 (modded), Korg ESX1, ES1. etc, etc….

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