The Softsynth Hardware Synthgasm – The Amazing Alphatron SP

Alphatron SP Rack Controller

Is this the coolest MIDI Controller ever?

Synth-Project’s Mario Jurisch has created the retro Moog style Alphatron SP Controller for H.G. Fortune’s Alphatron VST Instrument. The custom-built controller features 176 knobs, 25 switches and 4 Doepfer MIDI interfaces.

Here’s what Jurisch has to say about this amazing controller:

The Alphatron SP Controller is a Rack Version. This Rack Version will be sitting above the Pure-MCone. The advantage is, that i only need one 10“ Touchscreen and one 5 Keyboard to control both VST Instruments.

With the HOST Program „Candabile Solo“, which is a Multi-Rack Software for VST Instruments and Effects, i can load both VST Intruments  into two different Slots and give them a different Midi Chanel.

That means, that i use at the end 4 Doepfer Midi Interfaces with up to 254 ! Midi CC to control both VST Instruments at the same time.

So i have a total of 3 Oscillators, 3 Sample Player, 6 LFO´s, 4  Envelopes, many Modulations and 2 Step Sequencer. That all can run together.

With the Midi Keyboard i can choose the Midi Channel very quickly, so i can play both VST Instruments together or one with the Keyboard and the other with the Step Sequencer or, or, or ….

This case is total 90 cm x 57 cm (about 35 inch x 23 inch)

Best MIDI controller ever?

More photos below.

8 thoughts on “The Softsynth Hardware Synthgasm – The Amazing Alphatron SP

  1. Afrodjmac

    You’re probably right! On modular synths it seems like all the cost goes into the panels and case.

  2. Simply amazing. This guy should build some analog instruments. Somehow I wouldn't feel comfortable with a (Windows) PC inside an instrument.

  3. Hey Super Mario ! So sorry to disappoint you but I´m not Dave…but I´m honoured you thought so ! Dave told some stories and was full of admiration to your "Modelbau" skills on Nick`s Sonicstate podcast. I just saw the matching video clip to the pics..very cool !
    Your are from B , right ?! Btw greetings from AC, if you know what i mean…Cya ,Red !

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