Free ‘Dirty Dutch’ Soundpack For The Novation UltraNova

Novation has released a free soundpack for the UltraNova synthesizer, the Chuckie Soundpack for UltraNova:

Part producer, part remixer, part DJ, Chuckie knows what makes a great track. With the help of Fabian Lenssen and Silvio Ecomo, two of Holland’s A-list house producers, he’s produced with this exclusive soundpack for UltraNova.

King of the Dirty Dutch sound and part of the international DJ fraternity, Chuckie first started playing at hip hop clubs in Amsterdam. Soon, he caught the electronic music bug and was playing at the house clubs too. His sound evolved from the culture he was immersed in and the music he was listening to, making it truly distinctive.

You can preview the free soundpack above and download it from the Novation site.

3 thoughts on “Free ‘Dirty Dutch’ Soundpack For The Novation UltraNova

  1. Nothing I haven't heard before, sadly. But I'd still download it if it were released as a free sample pack for anyone to download, not just for owners of the UltraNova.

  2. I consider myself an UltraNova fanboy. As in: I can't afford it right now but would love to have it. Hardware synth (I only have software at the moment), USB powered and as such can fully connect with my soft-synth gear AND (to a certain extend as far as I know) is fully programmable through the means of software ? (cynical comment: here is where my "the exact difference between a soft synth and hard synth IS?" starts…).

    Sorry; can't help to root for Ultranova. It looks so cool to me! touch sensitive knobs simply seem SO much more functional than a d-beam (infrared)….

    Ok; long post to say: agreed, as much as I dig ultranova this soundpack really is a shame in my opinion. I mean seriously; if you release stuff like this it almost seems as if this can't (or very difficult) be done on the ultranova itself?

    I refuse to believe that, surely it can't be so ?

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