The PerFourMer MKII – A New Four-Voice Analog Synthesizer

Vermona Perfourmer II

At Musikmesse 2011, Vermona is introducing its new PerFourMer MKII – a four-voice analog synthesizer:

We’d like to introduce you to the new PerFourMer MKII. Like its predecessor it features four individual synthesizers that can be linked and played with six different playmodes: 2x monophonic, 2x duophonic and 2x polyphonic.

Each synthesizer has a VCO with sine, triangle, pulse and sawtooth wave shape as well as a noise generator. There is a lowpass filter, an ADSR envelope generator and a LFO that can be synced by an internal or external (MIDI-) clock.
A whole synthesizer can be modulation source for oscillator- or filter frequency of the following one and it has got hard-sync for the oscillators and soft-sync for the LFO.

The PerFourMer MKII is expected to be available this summer. Pricing is TBA.

Video demo below:

via SonicState, Vermona

2 thoughts on “The PerFourMer MKII – A New Four-Voice Analog Synthesizer

  1. and how it compares, soundwise, to the mkI, i loved the mki for its honest cuteness…however it is probably gonna cost nuff….

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