Something Wicked This Way Comes – The MacBeth X-Series Dual SV Filte

Ken MacBeth gives a speaker-rattling demo of the MacBeth X-Series Dual SV Filter, part of his MacBeth Studios Systems X-Series line of analog synth modules.

Here is the first demo- if not basic- of the the new Macbeth X-Series Dual SV (State Variable) Filter module. Being used in conjucntion with it are 2 x X-Series Oscillators (along with sub octaves) giving a very rich sound! Listen out for the stereo sample and hold modulation. When the switch is thrown to invert on one modulation channel- the stereo becomes very aparent. Remember- this is just one module doing the proccessing!Also seen here is a prototype idea for a six input mixer with noise- not dissimilar to the 8 input Mixer ‘A’ from my Mk1 Series…..

The Dual SV Filter is being swept by one EG from the Mk1 Dual EG module. Audio and control jacks in the the Dual SV Filter are normalised.

See the MSS site for details.

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