19 thoughts on “Daedelus – Far From Home (Monome Jam)

  1. 7 minutes felt like an hour…really boring. these '"controllerists" really need to get out
    of the habit of depending on only a monome or other controller for musical performance; it does
    not make for a dynamic sound. maybe at a dance party, through a p.a. that sort of thing is really exciting but a video performance?

  2. wow, that was really constructive. i am far away from the bedroom and I have been doing it for almost 20 years so I think I've got quite few clues, not to mention albums, but thanks for the advice, controllerist.

  3. I'm with you John. Daedelus is totally awesome. He's not some half-wit with a controller. The dude attended Thorton school of music and has quite a following.

    We should all celebrate interesting new directions in music. There was a time when synths were considered " not real instruments" and "soulless".

  4. Oh, well, excuse me, I had no idea he attended Thorton and has a following…that changes everything.
    What was I thinking having an opinion based on everything I have heard from the man. I obviously should have first considered that he went Thorton and has a following.

  5. Why so angry, dude. If you don't like him that's cool. My point is more that the monome is not a crutch to Daedelus, it's just another device of expression.

  6. The location is great. There's a strange quality to the sync between some of the parts, especially at the beginning, but I really dig the second half. They could have probably done a little more with this by having a different camera man and/or director. The direction and editing don't quite match the music and performance in my opinion. I'm no expert though.

  7. I'm not angry but my point is his music sounds the way it sounds regardless of what school he attended; it's irrelevant. I've yet to hear anything from this guy that I like yet for some reason he seems to be held in high regard amongst the synthtopia crowd and I really don't get it. Of course I don't have to like it but I usually at least see the appeal.

  8. This stuff doesn't really do it for me. It's either the over-dramatic button pushing, or the mangled nature of the tracks. I can dig some beat juggling and such, but he goes at it like Angus Young and it seems kinda… inappropriate? I can dig "getting in to a moment", but the little DJ swipes and "fancy" button pressing showmanship bothers me for some reason. It's just a freaking button grid. They're not even touch sensitive.

  9. The very word "controllerism" implies that it's more about the creation technique than the musical results. Me, I'm more about results. Try this: forget what controller he uses or how he uses it or what music school he went to. Just close your eyes and listen to the video, and see if it does anything for you.

  10. Are you kidding me Synthhead ? Really ? What exactly was a personal attack about my comment? It was probably the most constructive comment in this post. Really please tell me so I have a better understanding of the rules of synthtopia postings. It's seems if you don't agree it;s a personal attack.

    "and you ex-winphat have no clue…stick to playing around in your bedroom while the "controllerists are out blowing up the dancefloors! wank" – john g

    This does not qualify as a personal attack after i simply commented on the performance?

  11. We deleted both comments earlier, because they devolved into personal attacks.

    If you feel like someone has made a personal attack on you, you can report the comment with the link that is displayed at the bottom right of each comment.

  12. Any attribution offered to the original artist for the middle section (2:30 – 4:00)? All for sampling but he basically just let someones else's track play for that time. Granted, it's a great track, best part of the jam IMHO 😉

    I love grid controllers (all manner of "alternative" controllers, really) but my one gentle suggestion is that people pay a little more attention to being on beat and a little less to wildly bouncing up and down and whatnot.

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