The Vermona ReTubeVerb

This is a demo of the Vermona ReTubeVerb – a modern take on the classic spring reverb.


  • The ReTubeVerb is build upon classical tube circuitry, designed to deliver a “warm and slightly compressed tube sound without interferences and unpleasant coloration”.
  • The reverb effect comes out of a six-spring reverb tank (three double-springs) made by ACCUTRONICS.
  • Equalizer – three frequencies
  • Balanced In- and Output
  • True Bypass, as well as the EFFECT STOP function. The latter allows refining the input signal by the tube preamp without reverberation.

The ReTubeVerb retails for around $750.

via cl516

One thought on “The Vermona ReTubeVerb

  1. I've always been a fan of spring reverbs (mostly because of acquiring a taste for guitar based music that also included this effect from early on), but at the same time I am wondering whether or not it's really worth it sonically. I can get a lot of reverbs from software or from a digital box. The greatest difference I see with this unit is that it's dedicated to doing a single kind of reverbs and is all hands-on, so using it should be simple, effective and fun.

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