touchAble Ableton Live Controller App Gets Advanced ‘Multi-Dot’ XY Pad

The developers of touchAble – an Ableton Live controller app for the iPad – have released version 1.2, adding a smart XY pad and improving performance.

The new 1.2 version include an Advanced multi dots XY pad with:

  • Up to 4 Dots at once – each with their own X, Y & Z Parameters.
  • Choose the dots X, Y & Z Parameters from All of Lives Mixer & Device.
  • Easy parameter assignments through the config menu.
  • Set direction & force of gravity and bouncing mode individually for each dot.
  • Record the dots movements – loop, reverse or cut them till they fit your needs.
  • Play them back as automations – quantized and in complete sync with Ableton Live.
  • Save automations and parameter assignments to the database within touchAble and exchange them with other iPads and Users via iTunes.
  • Save snapshots of the dots positions:
    • Hold, Stop & Morphing mode
  • Set morphing length & which of the are dots affected by snapshots.

TouchAble 1.2 also offers other new features and improvements:

Device Module:

  • The Control elements on the FX8 & FX32 View now switch their behavior & style depending on the parameter they control.
  • Possible styles are: Toggle, Multitoggle, Fader & centered Fader.
  • This will work with Lives devices & all M4L Devices.

Added ‘Snap’ mode:

  • You can activate the Snap mode per device with the ‘snap’ button in the Menu to the right.
  • If enabled, the control elements will snap back to their original value once you lift your finger.
  • To change the original value of the parameters: disable Snap mode – tweak the device to your needs and enable Snap mode again to jump back to these values at the end of your touches.

New optional settings:

  • Added Relative Fader mode for devices
  • Added possibility to disable scene launch buttons.
  • Added OneTap Recording:
  • Newly recorded clips will automatically be of the same length as the currently set Launch Quantization. This enables you to tap on an empty slot once to start recording and have it loop automatically after the set amount of time.


  • Decreased latency and increased throughput to Live substantially.
  • Performance increased throughout the app.

touchAble is $24.99 in the App Store. If you’ve used touchAble, let us know what you think of the new version!

3 thoughts on “touchAble Ableton Live Controller App Gets Advanced ‘Multi-Dot’ XY Pad

  1. Just tested the new version, and it is freaky awesome, wow!! The new module is very intuitive an fun to play. Really pro as well.

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