Molten Drum Machine Gets CoreMIDI Update

Molten Drum Machine

iPad Music SoftwareOne Red Dog Media has released an update to Molten Drum Machine for the iPad, adding improved MIDI support and more.

New in Molten Drum Machine 1.1:

  • Fixed MIDI clock sync
  • Improved CoreMIDI configuration
  • Added virtual MIDI ports for interoperability with other multitasking apps
  • Added background audio


  • AudioCopy & AudioPaste between other apps
  • Easily and quickly create rhythms with complex time signatures
  • Intuitively divide a note into tuplets
  • Sample based synthesis with user loadable samples
  • Each pattern has 8 instrument tracks
  • Global master effects processor including delay, reverb, EQ and compressor
  • Share your pattern compositions as audio or MIDI files or transfer patterns between Molten users
  • Connect to pro music equipment with MIDI CC and clock sync
  • Connect to your Mac with CoreMIDI networking over Wi-Fi or USB with the Camera Connection Kit and transmit the sequence in real-time to your hardware.

Molten is $4.99 in the App Store.

5 thoughts on “Molten Drum Machine Gets CoreMIDI Update

  1. So easy to use this app- I've started using it to trigger my Roland td9 via the cck and usb to midi interface cable. All works well but I can only trigger one midi note at a time. Is there a way around this to trigger more than one note at once?

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