Organ+ Gets MIDI Update

Yonac Software has updated Organ+, its organ emulator for iOS.

Here’s what’s new in version 1.1:

  • Added USB Midi support for M-Audio KeyStudio 25, and related Midi controllers
  • Fixed the “dead key” bug
  • Vastly improved response, and reduced latency to near 0
  • Graceful handling of app session interruptions
  • A more robust audio output engine

Note: the video demo is for the original version; they have not made a video to demo the new features yet.

No mention is made of supporting the Line 6 MIDI Mobilizer.

Full specs below.


  • Faithful, real-time emulation of revered tonewheel and transistor organs
  • 44.1k, 16 bit pro-quality stereo sound
  • 7 unique organ engines, each with different “feel” and “response”, including b-, f- or v- types.
  • Dual manuals with dedicated drawbar groups
  • Nine drawbars per manual
  • Full effects stack:
  • Retro-spec reverb w/ time and feedback
  • Dual chorus/vibrato with knob-controlled mix, speed and depth
  • Fat-circuit overdrive
  • Rotary effect w/ intensity
  • Key click
  • Organ percussion effect w/ settable length and harmonic selection
  • Event-based recording with key-animation and bounce-to-audio
  • 36 factory presets of classic organ sounds
  • Ability to save infinite number of user’s own presets
  • Export bounced audio files via Wi-Fi, or on the iPad, via iTunes
  • Metronome with multiple time signatures
  • Keyboard note overlays
  • Configurable key width with 8 size steps (individually adjustable for each manual)
  • 61-note keyboard at each manual
  • Audio copy
  • USB MIDI keyboard control with the Camera Connection Kit USB adapter (iPad only)

9 thoughts on “Organ+ Gets MIDI Update

  1. I wouldnt buy it…but that was monsterously entertaining to watch. A pat on the back to the player, jolly good show!

  2. i am curious from you ipad midi/music app users. how much latency are you getting from that device. it seems to me that the ipad is still to slow for midi, and you will get large delay from hitting the key to sound. anyone?

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