2 thoughts on “How To Create Amazing Build Ups With Beat Rolls & Effects

  1. i'd really like to see a tutorial like this using the machine drum or electribe for the beat sweeps, that would give a better idea of how it's actually done rather than using built in presets that only one piece of software has. the second video is very useful though.

  2. This effect is accomplished by repeating a looped audio "buffer" of the entire track and varying its length in time to the music. Put a filter after the looper and you are done. All that is left is to "play" the two effects.

    It isn't the sort of thing you can do on an Electribe or but you might be able to do on a Machine Drum (I don't know how exactly the audio recorder/play back works on a Machine Drum). Just stick a looper after the drum machine, then a filter and your set.

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