Epic (?) Operatronica

Adya & Geisha’s exceptionally odd take onĀ Cherubino’s Aria – Non So Piu Cosa Son Cosa Faccio fromĀ Le Nozze di Figaro by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

Wrong on so many levels, yet putting an opera singer in two, not one, rings of fire and then giving her 4 go-go dancer clones, a keytar backup band and a guitarist that magically triggers a sampler is sort of epic.

via ChipCollection

15 thoughts on “Epic (?) Operatronica

  1. truly awful, i'd actually rather not have my brain experience this kind of trelk, in future please can we have a "trelk" warning so we can avoid.

  2. This is sort of epic and awful at the same time.

    Is this a euro dance band or something? It seems like this sort of thing flies in Europe and nowhere else.

  3. oh please, it was a bit of a hit here in the Netherlands. they played it to death here. i'm sick of this song by now..

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