Moby – The Day, Inspired By Bowie & Eno

Moby’s music video for The Day – featuring Heather Graham.

via MobyStuff:

Indirectly inspired by David Bowie and Brian Eno’s production circa Low and Heroes (which moby believes is now part of his DNA), the song is one of the few tracks from Destroyed that moby himself sang on.

‘The Day’ was written in a hotel room in Spain at dawn when I hadn’t slept,” recounts moby. “I wrote it on an acoustic guitar and recorded it on my phone, brought it home and re-recorded it with the old broken-down electronics I have in my studio.”

A deeply personal song about late night desperation and dark-night-of-the-soul disquietude, the video for “The Day” (directed by Evan Bernard) features Moby’s friend and actress Heather Graham in the role of a nurse/guardian angel “who gets to slaughter demons,” explains moby. “I had this simple idea of Heather as an angel in a hospital. Evan expanded upon it and made it a lot more interesting, a lot more compelling.”

The basic plot of the video, according to Heather, is “a woman is lying in a hospital bed and I am the nurse and I give her some oxygen. Then it cuts to me as the angel flying, and then you see this scary demon.” The director elaborates: “She (the angel) is the defender of righteousness. She represents good, and she’s defeating evil.” Climaxing in a metaphysical battle between demon and angel, the video is filled with surreal imagery in an eerie clinical setting.

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