Moog Music Updates Its Site

Moog Music website

Moog Music today introduced a new version of their website – and it’s more than just a facelift.

The new site is designed to position Moog as a company that is unique, creating instruments that carry on a legacy from the earliest days of synthesizers. And while the point of the new site is obviously to sell synths, it manages to do it in a pretty classy way.

In addition to product information and company news, the site now features sections focusing on Bob Moog, the history of Moog instruments and Moog-related media:

  • The Legacy section features retro synth ads, historical catalogs, historical timelines, interviews and more.
  • The Sights & Sound section offers sound and image galleries, product demos and jams from the Moog Sound Lab.

The site update is a reminder that Moog is doing a pretty impressive job of carrying on Bob Moog’s legacy. They now offer best-of-class instruments in multiple categories and are still expanding the boundaries of analog sound creation.

One thought on “Moog Music Updates Its Site

  1. Missed a bullet point:

    * Now offering really stilted press releases, for easy copy and paste blogging, which manage to convey both obvious and obnoxious rhetoric. Synergizing conceit and deceit, Moog pisses on their own legacy when they let corporate write the PR.

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