New Generative Music App For iOS, Sound Cells

Sound Cells is a new interactive generative music app for iOS:

Touch the matrix to create some moving cells and see them interact with each other and generate sound in realtime.

If a cell hits the wall, it creates a sound. If a cell ends up in the same location as another one, they change directions. You can remove cells by touching them or by hitting the cell removing button.

The app comes with the 2 different sounds, which can be controlled in realtime for very expressive effects.

What helps the $.99 rise above just being a music game is that it can generate MIDI output. Unfortunately, the developer does not provide details on the app’s MIDI support.

Sound Cells is a universal app and on the iPad, it will use the full available resolution.

13 thoughts on “New Generative Music App For iOS, Sound Cells

  1. Oh, just noticed – sound cells was "inspired by the "Otomata" web app" according to the blurb with the youtube vid above.

    The otomata web app page notes that an iOS app is in development.

    Is there some rip-offery going on here?

  2. yeah. having played with otamata for a few hours yesterday, i immediately noticed the resemblance. i'm glad to see a similar idea in app form, but its kind of outrageous that the dude is actually charging for what is clearly someone else's idea, especially when they will be competing against their "inspiration"

  3. Not as “pleasant” or random as Otomata. They got my 99¢ out of curiosity but I look forward to the Otomata app.

  4. They should be allowed to say it has MIDI support unless it has:

    Wireless MIDI & sync
    USB MIDI on iPad
    Line 6 MIDI Mobilizer support

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