Bhajis Loops For Palm

This is a video introduction to Bhajis Loops, a virtual studio for Palm OS:

Bhajis Loops gives you everything you need to create stunning compositions on the go, or to play complex arrangements during gigs: a complete sample editor, virtual instruments with wavetable synthesis, pattern editor and sequencer, effects, automation, and even a special mode for live performances!

Part 2 of the Bhajis Loops demo below.

Bhajis Loops can be found at Chocopoolp.

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4 thoughts on “Bhajis Loops For Palm

  1. Do Nokia users buy many apps?

    My understanding was that developers were gravitating towards the iOS platform, mainly because iPad/iPhone users were actually buying apps.

  2. I read somewhere, that the sales in Ovi store is ok. At least Ovi store has its own share of million sellers, but the crap, that it has unfortunate amounts, stays in the shelf and ruins the party for the rest of them…and us buyers.

    Good software sells anywhere, and this seems good like a piece of pie. This also seems like a excellent match for Xpressmusic, that has stylus, but nothing to play with it. -> Not much work, should be easy enough to get even at least, but without ANY competition what so ever, theres bloody fantastic opportunity to get a hit.

  3. Nice to hear others longing for music software for Xpressmusic too.

    I have two 5800's, and I have searched all over the place for a synth or sequencer for it. You know there is a drum sequencer in Ovi Store for 5800 called Drum Machine (by EasyThings), and I hear its pretty good, but it isn't sufficient for me. Theres also pretty robust application called Syntrax, but sadly thats made for S60v3 and does not support touchscreens. In fact after seeing that Syntrax -thing, my appetite for Xpressmusic app started to get really bad. If you are able to make such an awesome application for such an old phone platform, then I hardly even dare to think what one could get done with Xpressmusic 5800.

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