Retrotech – The ‘Classic Sound Of Electronic Music’

This video captures a live performance of Retrotech – an electronic music concert created e composed by Carlos Trilha, inspired by the classic synth music of the 70s.

Here’s what Trilha has to say about Retrotech:

A unique detail of this production is that they do not use loops or sound libraries. All the sounds are created from real instruments and are first generation, allowing RETROTECH to make a striking reinterpretation of the classic sound of electronic music.

The highlight of the live performances is the use of rare analog instruments, staged to show the public how these interesting devices work. In addition, RETROTECH also uses a special set of projection images from generative code (created in real time), synchronized by software written with MAX/MSP/JITTER by ALESSANDRA MARFISA specially for each performance.

RETROTECH is a work that recalls the “belle epoque” of electronic music; more than just an exciting audio-visual experience, it is “an inspiring journey through time for lovers of contemporary art.”

Part II and gear details below.

Gear used on Retrotech I & II includes:

Retrotech I

Roland JX-3P, JX-8P, D-50, S-760, VC-303, Alpha Juno-1, TR-808.

Korg Polysix and Trinity Pro)

Fender Rhodes

Retrotech II

Roland (Alpha Juno 1, D-50, VC-303, S-760, TR-909, TR-808), Korg Polysix

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