Brainwave iPad Sequencer Updated With CoreMIDI Support

Brainwave – an iPad MIDI sequencer – has been updated with coreMIDI support.

This video demos the new MIDI features in Brainwave Sequencer 1.1.

Brainwave Sequencer is $19.99 in the App Store.

via BrainwaveSequencer:

This is how to use coreMIDI in Brainwave 1.1.

Brainwave is a clip based MIDI sequencer for the IPad. Bring your melodies and drum beats into life with the streamlined and intuitive MIDI clip editor. Assemble and arrange entire songs with the Arrangement editor. Control up to 16 instruments using the built-in sampler. Use the built-in audio samples to quickly get up and running, or use your own samples for even more creative sounds. Then produce and export MIDI files to be imported to your favourite Digital Audio Workstation software. All this inside of an ergonomic and minimalist user interface that will help get your inspiration to fruition.

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