energyXT for iOS Now Available

energyXT for iOS

Developer XT Software has released energyXT for iOS, a $9.99 music production app for Apple iOS.


  • Samples provided by Loopmasters
  • 4 tracks types: drums, sound (instrument), chord and audio (voice/guitar)
  • Live playback and recording with multi-touch
  • Send your mixdown or multi-track project to dropbox, and then import to your DAW
  • Pattern based arrangement (intro, verse, chorus etc)
  • Multi-take audio recording

Versions of energyXT are already available for Mac & Windows.

energyXT for iOS is available now in the App Store.

6 thoughts on “energyXT for iOS Now Available

  1. This should be a universal app or even better, just a native iPad version. There's just seems too much here to be fun on the iPhone's tiny screen. FLStudio had the right idea.

  2. I like the 'idea' of universal apps, but iPad music apps are always way easier to do something musical on.

    I wonder if developers have to do this just because there are way more iPhone owners than iPad owners.

  3. This is great opportunity missed I'm afraid. No iPad version in this day and age?!
    You've got to be joking… Maybe 3 years ago I would contemplate on buying this, but not now.

  4. I actually think developers are making these apps for image purpose, and to explore a market that is growing fast. So from a strategic point of view it makes probably sense to focus on the iPhone first, though I agree, nanoloop is the only App I've ever been able to make something with on that tiny screen, but only because it's got a really simple and essential design.
    So I guess I'll skip this one for now…

  5. I bought this and really like it – the best thing is that, as far as I can tell, it is the only app on the iPhone that allows you to do midi step sequencing and then also record audio tracks (Beatmaker and Nanostudio have midi but you can't sing / play guitar on top of it, without cutting/pasting into a different app). Even on the iPad, the only app that seems to do both midi and audio is Garageband, but then you have the problem of not being able to edit the midi (no piano roll). All the other iPad apps either do only audio (meteor, multitrack daw, studio.hd) or only midi (xewton music studio, electrify). This app is, as far as I can tell, a first for iOS.

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