Poly-Ana Controller – The ‘Monster Synth’ Of MIDI Controllers (Demo Video)

There are MIDI Controllers – and there are MIDI Controllers like the Synth-Project Poly-Ana Controller, aka ‘the controller flagship’.

This thing is the ‘monster synth’ of MIDI controllers. It offers 136 Knobs, 78 switches, 4 Doepfer MIDI Interfaces , a touchscreen, 4 Octave Keyboard & Mod & Pitchwheels.

The Poly-Ana is a recent custom controller project by Mario Jurisch. Details are available at his Synth-Project site.

7 thoughts on “Poly-Ana Controller – The ‘Monster Synth’ Of MIDI Controllers (Demo Video)

  1. Did he SERIOUSLY build that and make a video of it and upload it to YouTube and suggest it on Synthtopia WITHOUT ONCE TOUCHING A KNOB?!?


  2. Please see this as a trailer.

    At first, the video was only on my server. But it was too much traffic. So i uploaded it to YouTube. Maybe it was a mistake. Next time it will be private.

    For the moment i don´t have the time to make a vid with all the functions.

  3. Oh, synth-project, you rock! Thanks for sharing your amazing dream-realized that we can only fantasize about. Don’t get offended if we try to vicariously live it out through your video offerings. I’m sure you’ll satisfy our knob-tweaking desires in a future video.

    1. Its not so easy. First i must have the VST Instrument and then i have to see how can i realize this ….



  4. I believe there’s a demo version. I’ll buy you a copy of the VST if you’ll make a controller for me 🙂

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