Sugar Bytes Turnado (Sneak Preview)

Sugar Bytes Turnado is a new multi-effect tool designed for massive and real-time audio manipulation, giving you direct control of up to 8 different effects at any given time, with a total of 24 effects available.

The idea behind Turnado is simple:

  • Turn a knob and the effect is on.
  • Turn the knob further and effect parameters start to move and modulations start to apply.
  • Turn the knob down and the effect is off.

While each effect provides one knob to control it, underneath that cover you find effect parameters and modulation engines to be controlled by the main knob, which makes loading an effect just the starting point of the way you can go with it.

The “Dictator” mode allows you to animate all main knobs and run that animation with just one fader. This way you easily create and control complex effect layerings and arrangements.

Here are the details…..

This tutorial gives you a short introduction to the Turnado main page.

The second tutorial gives you a short introduction to the Turnado Dictator Mode.

Finally, a look at the Effect Editpage.

Turnado comes for Mac/PC as Standalone application and VST/AU plugin and will be released in early summer 2011. Pricing is TBA. 

19 thoughts on “Sugar Bytes Turnado (Sneak Preview)

  1. Certainly will win the prize for most cheesy promo for software ever.
    How on earth did sugar bytes go along with this concept? pffffff

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