DIY iPad Audio Dock Designed By Reed Ghazala

Reed Ghazala designed and built this DIY iPad audio dock as a cheap and dirty alternative to the yet unreleasedĀ Alesis Studiodock.

Ghazala has this to say about his DIY iPad audio dock:

I know I’m not the only individual appreciating the experimental music apps available on the iPad. I’m anxious to support the developers’ fine work.

But for musicians, the iPad’s interface can be frustrating. Do you really want to use dongles, mini-jacks and flimsy wire to get in and out of the thing?

This audio breakout solves these problems, is easy to do, and is inexpensive.

If you want a slick, basic and functional DIY audio desk, on the cheap, check this hack out!

“This audio desk is really fun to use,” adds Ghazala. “Hacking the apple is always a good thing.”

See the video overview of the iPad audio dock project, below, for more details and build info.


Ghazala, the father of circuit bending, has a long history of audio hacking. You can find out more about his at his site, Anti-Theory.

2 thoughts on “DIY iPad Audio Dock Designed By Reed Ghazala

  1. Cool gizmo. I think Alesis is going to get pounded by other companies who are happy to release an equally functional iPad audio dock for pennies on the dollar. Give it about 3 months after the release.

  2. is this compatible with the ipad one or just the two model?

    I guess the vid port is not usable or is it?

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