New Shepard Tone Synth For Windows, Mac

Oli Larkin has introduced Endless Series v3 – a Shepard Tone synthesizer for Windows & Mac.

If you’re not familiar with Shepard Tones, they are basically an auditory illusion created by fading out one rising pitch while fading in another, starting at a lower pitch. The result is a sound that appears to be infinitely rising. The same effect can also be created with descending tones.

The above video offers an introduction to Shepard tones.

Details and demos below. 


  • VST2/AudioUnit plugin based on the Shepard Tone auditory illusion
  • Additive tone generator with up to 40 partials
  • Circular pitch ring modulator, flanger, filter and 24 stage phaser FX
  • Glissando, auto-stepped and MIDI stepped modes
  • Many options to tweak harmonicity and timbre
  • Stereo detune, phase offset and auto-panning
  • Quantise pitches to 14 different scales
  • Soft clipping, extra harmonics and noise modulation
  • Fast ASR amplitude envelope in MIDI stepped mode
  • MIDI reset-able for repeatable output
  • Integrated help system
  • 32 high quality factory presets

Endless Series is available now for £29.99 GBP.

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