ArKaos Releases GrandVJ 1.5 real time video mixing software

ArKaos has updated GrandVJ, its real-time video mixer software. GrandVJ lets you compose up to 8 layers of video on the fly and integrates with common MIDI sequencers and controllers.

Here’s what’s new in GrandVJ 1.5:

  • Receives sound and MIDI from any audio sequencer compatible with VST plug-ins (tested with Ableton Live, Steinberg Cubase, Cakewalk Sonar X1, Reaper and FL Studio)
  • 37 new transitions, each featuring 4 parameters plus a fade time
  • Support for the Akai APC20 through a custom MIDI driver with feedback
  • New Browser Preview feature allowing to preview visuals, effects, transitions and sources before displaying them in the output window
  • Enhanced Live Acquisition Boards support in Mac OS X
  • Enhanced Multiple Monitors Support on Windows
  • New Color Pass Effect transforms a colored visual into a grayscale image, allowing only one color to pass through


  • Powerful video-mixing software
  • No-limit performance and production
  • State of the art multi-threaded hardware accelerated graphical engine
  • A unique, easy-to-control, customizable interface
  • Dual synth / mixer mode
  • Mixer mode with A/B deck and independent preview
  • Real-time access to all mixing parameters
  • Full MIDI / keyboard mapping of all mixing parameters
  • Bidirectional communication with controllers supporting generic MIDI feedback
  • Support for ReWire
  • Support for Open Sound Control (OSC) protocol mapping
  • Support for Quartz Composer .qtz files as Sources and Effects (Mac OS X only)
  • Multi-screen support with Soft Edging
  • Automated Video Generators
  • Alpha Channel support in images and videos
  • Upgraded Effects Library, with more than 40 effects
  • High-resolution output
  • Support of most common media formats including Quicktime, Mpeg 2, Mpeg4, Mkv, Vob, Windows Media, and Flash text & animations with ActionScript3
  • Support for movie’s audio through FFMpeg (supports most formats)
  • Multiple camera support
  • Hardware accelerated video engine
  • Takes advantage of multi-core CPU
  • Compatibility with Mac and PC and all MIDI controllers

GrandVJ retails for 279€.

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