Dorit Chrysler Performs Sustain Me In The Moog Sound Lab

The always-amazing Dorit Chrysler plays Sustain Me, an original composition, in the Moog Sound Lab.

Chrysler instantly gets your attention as she coos “I dream of cleaning you…….”, supporting her luscious vocals with theremin lines that walk the line between sonic gestures and very precise melodic playing.

She performs with a customized Moog Etherwave Pro, a theremin manufactured by Moog Music from 2004-2006b.

To function as a one woman band, Chrysler triggers a prerecorded backing track on her laptop, adding vocals and theremin in real time. At her feet are a MF-104Z Analog Delay and an Akai Head Rush looper to add depth to her sound.

Chryslers new album, Sea Of Negligence, is available via her site.

5 thoughts on “Dorit Chrysler Performs Sustain Me In The Moog Sound Lab

  1. 2nd synth babe of the day! I approve of this trend.

    I wish there were move videos of Chrysler performing that were as good as this. She's an amazing performer. Moog is smart to recognize this and get her in the studio.

  2. I'll pass, thanks.
    She's talented as a Thereminist (tho' I prefer Lydia Kavina), but the songwriting is weak, and even her performance here is pretty half-baked.

  3. Not sure what you're comparing her to, but she pretty much wipes the floor with any current thereminist that I've seen videos for, except Peter Pringle.

    The fact that she sings, writes songs and is smoking hot are definite pluses, too.

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