The Beat Kangz’ Beat Thang (Video Demos)

The Beat Kangz have released a series of videos that demonstrate the new Beat Thang mobile music production workstation.

In the first of the series, Beat Kangz Electronics’ Cool Rev gives you a general overview of the Beat Thang.

The Beat Thang Mobile Music Production System is available for pre-order at Best Buy for $1500.

This is the first really in-depth look at the new Beat Thang. Check the videos out and let us know what you think of the new mobile music production workstation.

More demos below.

Beat Kangz Electronics’ AJA gives you an introduction to the Beat Thang hardware.

This video looks at how to navigate the Beat Thang hardware.

This video looks at the different sections of the Beat Thang.

AJA shows you how to listen to the beats that come with the Beat Thang and then how to make your own.

Finally, this video looks at making beats on the Beat Thang.

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27 thoughts on “The Beat Kangz’ Beat Thang (Video Demos)

  1. This thing looks great, but it's probably priced too high.

    I like the Tron styling. The layout makes a lot more sense for doing basslines and riffs than an MPC, too.

    Not sure why people would compare this to Maschine – which is just a MIDI controller.

  2. Their marketing and image is unique, that should at least cut themselves a niche from the get go. Then of course the actual product looks stupid easy to use, which (i hope) will lend a hand to less technical but still musically inclined consumers.

  3. putting aside whether it will sell or not…

    1. it is mobile, doesn't need a computer/laptop to make beats anywhere.. on the plane?
    2. dj's could use them for live performances.
    3. marketing and visibility is big with best buy and holiday seasons might run special pricing?
    4. unique, fun and rich kids like toys.

  4. the mpc doesn't even market itself, but it's associated with hiphop.

    the beat thang markets to the hiphop community, that's not surprising.

    everyone outside the genre shows stereotypical judgement that has nothing to do with the product.

    the price might be a little high atm, but that's what all companies do. they release at the highest price point to get the diehards. then move onto the next phase of discounts and sales. nothing new, it's been done for years.

  5. …and been a joke for 2+ years now. Nice how they added 50% to the price at the last minute too.
    Then there's the horrible software version, the fake contest no one won, Aja (one of the company's owner's) talking trash to customer's on their website, the basically insulting to my intelligence naming of the machine and features, numerous false release dates, taking people's pre-order money back in 2009…

  6. What niche? Idiots who would choose this over something like an MPC, a proven concept and product for 23 years? Stupid easy to use? Again MPC. None of my venom is directed at you Mark, It's just I've seldom witnessed a more ridiculous ongoing farce than these guys.

  7. It's funny how they try to market this thang but they completely ignore their customers who bought the BTvirtual. I actually pre ordered on the proposed 999 usd price with discount for those that bought the BTV and I guess there marketting gurus have gotten into there ears. Nothing for our loyalty.

    Cheers ( well nothing to be really cheerful about )

  8. I could buy Live 8 three times with that cash…..what does that tell you? more overpriced junk…I swear the guys from the OP-1 were involved with this.

  9. Well i am not in the market for a stand alone beat machine. Reason 5 + padkontrol is fine with me. But congrats to those cats for putting (yes after a loooong delay, and some bad pre-bad press, etc) their product to the market. Then the same market will decide of their fate.


    1. Only in the USA would they overcharge you for crap and make it limited to where you can buy it. Buying this thing is like buy a modern day Cadillac (as in marked up Suburbans and Vettes, just uglier and crappier)…only in the usa baby!

  10. LOL You guys are sooo funny. don’t you get it? YOU are the market! You are deciding to get it.. or not. No one is forcing you to get one with a propaganda poster (ok i do love the Soviet styling design, too bad it sucked leaving looking at those everyday)

    synthopia is not a therapy boot camp. It is funny to read you but that beat machine will not love you or hate you back.


  11. I hate these videos, just wasted 6 minutes watching a guy talk about an instrument sitting in front of him. He doesn't even touch the thing. If you're gonna make a marketing video – show, don't tell.

  12. apple is from the USA baby… and so is Microsoft… you wouldn't even be typing this if it wasn't for the USA baby…

    oh i forgot intell and almost every other technology we ship out to china to have built.

    how about all that vintage USA gear you guys are buying on ebay with your pounds to the dollar… only the USA baby…

    now if you want to talk war, politics, etc.. then you might have a point.

    don't think companies in other countries don't have their ways too… blaming the USA for our total society perception is naive to begin with.

    USA sells the ideas of materialism their advertisement and marketing, but so does the rest of the world. USA just does it BIGGER and with more BLING… just like you watch on your USA inspired tele, radio or computer.

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