Wireless DJ (iPad Controller)

Wireless DJ is a wireless multi-touch controller for Traktor Pro or any other MIDI-enabled DJ software. You can connect it to a wireless network shared with your computer and use it as a low-latency MIDI-controller for your DJ software of choice.

Here’s what developer Evgen Budunov has to say about it:

Wireless DJ lets you directly interact with your virtual mixing console. Play, cue, adjust pitch and mix with Wireless DJ’s touch controls.

We have a better idea than simulating a jog dial: Magic Stripes. Ultra-precise, take much less space. One finger for pitch bending, two for fine tempo adjustment.

Wireless DJ connects to your Mac through the system’s native wireless MIDI driver, so no additional drivers are required. It does not interfere with your current audio routing: as your sound chain remains intact, you can seamlessly integrate Wireless DJ with your current DJ set-up. For Windows PCs, wireless MIDI drivers are available on the Internet.

Watch video, get pre-made settings files for Traktor Pro, FAQs and details on our website: wirelessdjapp.com

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