Everything Is A Remix, Part 3

Part 3 of Kirby Ferguson‘s excellent Everything Is A Remix series, how innovations truly happen.

This part doesn’t focus on music specifically, but indirectly addresses one of the fundamental issues of modern electronic music – the role of sampling and copying, in general.

3 thoughts on “Everything Is A Remix, Part 3

  1. This is really super awesome. Well made, well thought-out, enlightening.

    I dig the string version of the Aphex Twin at the opening. Anyone know who performed that?

  2. Very well made. Without holding back too much or going overboard with details this documentary provides people who don't know the facts that are presented with a feel for the dual nature of innovation with several very pertinent examples. I have seen and read much worse. I think it's a great accomplishment and it's even enjoyable if you don't learn anything new. Should perhaps win an award for documentaries by an independent (?) producers. Thumbs way up!

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