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  1. Always cool to see how commercially viable music gets made, whether I like it or not. They’re releasing music that people buy, and that is farther along in the game than I’ve gotten!

  2. Yuck! The standard for quality music seems to be infected by mushrooms? I love music technology but….I don't know what to say…there it is?

  3. Too much of what comes out now is decided by the tools. Its too easy to generate ordered sounds mechanically. Instead of polishing an idea, people are starting WITH the polish and leaving the ideas, if any, to straggle behind. If you're keen on dancing, no problem. If you just plain like to noodle, also okay. I'm just weary of disco/techno or JMJ covers predominating so often. Anyone can press Play and zig with the crowd. Its the people who zag with actual melodic ideas who wow me. "BOOM-bap BOOM-bap" just makes me yawn.

  4. I don't think infekted mushroom are in the catagory of "starting WITH the polish".

    This video shows only a minute fraction of the many tracks in that song. They also edit the piss out of their audio, and the rhythms are usually very heady stuff, polyrhythms, tons of embedded and counter rhythmic insanity, insane layered sounds and vocals…

    But I do agree with your comment about musicinas using the arp button too often.

  5. yea alot respect but wish IM would do somtheing a lil different musical or just jazz up the tracks so you dont go o thats gotta b infected mushroom right off the bat

  6. These guys are still one of my favorite producers/sound designers from way back. Always head out to see them when they play over here too. The best combination of dance music with the stage presence of a rock act.

  7. You miss them when they were just playing straight up psy/goa that you can hear a million people making these days? At least they have a fairly unique sound these days.

    I've never understood that very common complaint about them. Though I wouldn't mind them taking their sound somewhere new.

  8. a shitty band takes you behinds the scenes with a preview of their shitty record. so much gear, so little talent.

  9. I use to listen to all kinds of Music since the an early age, and when I bumped into psy trance, I saw these guys in NYC and I fairly have gone back to the the roots of Dub when I was listening to lots of the stuff coming out of Jamaica in the early 80´s and I have gone back to dub sounds, and its fairly now my thing for the moment maybe later there would be other stuff I would get to listen, but as of now I am back again to listening to dub, dub techno and many stuff that has similarities. I fairly do not listen to this kind of music anymore. I think for me it was a novelty for me at the moment since i was younger but now I am back to when I was a young kid again and finding myself involved into deeper realm like dub music and dub techno.

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