Timbre Mirages

Developer Rob Fielding explores the microtonal potential of Pythagoras, his upcoming iPad instrument.

Here’s what he has to say about this demo:

Starting with a (Just) second interval (A and B chord) and moving around to the different As and Bs in Pythagorean tuning to show that this sound engine is richer than it appears.

Almost everything is impossible in normal chromatic tuning. You can’t produce any real intervals other than the octave with it, and you can’t produce these mirages of chords that aren’t actually being played like this.

11 thoughts on “Timbre Mirages

  1. Microtonal music is good in theory, but when trying to prove that theory, please don't give us this emulation of bag-pipes through heavy metal distortion.

  2. just because something can be done, doesnt necessarily mean it should be done…

    thanks alot, humanity

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