Fairlight CMI Legacy XXL For Reason


Bitley has introduced Fairlight CMI Legacy XXL for Reason 5 or Reason 5 & Record 1.5. It offers about 3,000 individual patches..


  • All sounds from II+ – demos and info here
  • 3,04 Gb of files unpacked
  • About 3,000 patches for all Reason instruments

The Fairlight CMI Legacy XXL Refill is priced at 100€ (100 Euros).

2 thoughts on “Fairlight CMI Legacy XXL For Reason

  1. Wow, sounds excellent. Also your songwriting on the demo is pretty great too. I’ll be giving it a closer listen on your site. I think it’s a no brainer. : >

  2. I have the previous version, it's absolutely superb. By far the best refill or any sort of sample library/patch library I have ever purchased.

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