Horizon Synthesizer For The iPad Is Dead. Long Live Sunrizer!

Sunrizer for iPad

Horizon synthesizer for the iPad is no longer. It’s been renamed Sunrizer.

Whatever you call it, though, it’s still one of the tastiest synths on the iPad menu.

Here’s what’s new in version 1.1 of Sunrizer:

  • The application name has been changed due to name conflict with existing VST plugin.
  • Comb filter instability fixed
  • Biquad filters resonance range is correct now
  • Support for “Stop all notes” MIDI messages
  • Other minor bugs fixed

Sunrizer is available now for $4.99 in the App Store.

Note: The upgrade from Horizon to Sunrizer is free and automatic.

8 thoughts on “Horizon Synthesizer For The iPad Is Dead. Long Live Sunrizer!

  1. I just bought it because I love the JP-8000. It makes some nice tones and the arp editor is really interesting, but it keeps glitching on my iPad 1. For something billed as "built to perform" I should never hear that. I'm not saying it should be able to play 30 voices at once, but you *never* want to hear this CPU crackling in a live performance.

    I hope they work on that. I feel OK spending $5 on this, because I think I can find ways to make this work.

  2. It's iPad 1. Make sure there are no applications that runs background tasks or select 'reduced polyphony' (6 voices) in preferences menu, then it will run smooth.

  3. I've found that turning off the effects gets rid of those on my iPad 1. I was bouncing some dry stuff to bring into Logic and it worked nicely, but that might not work for your live needs.

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