19 thoughts on “Fairlight CMI-30A First Look

  1. I'm curious as to who will find this useful. I can understand the nostalgic appeal of retro digital, but not what actual purpose it serves — it seems like it would just make things more difficult.

  2. For $20k+ it better suck my **** and let me **** it in the *** every night. The real question is though, will it blend?

  3. Sounds like he received his first email @ 3:19 telling him how ridonkulously overpriced it is.
    This really didn't need the hardware component…"tightly integrated" my arse. I'm sure there are planty of off-the-shelf components in that disguised PC case… sad really.

  4. This product isn't intended to be a modern viable instrument… it's purely a nostalgia based run at some more money. If you always wanted a fairlight and couldn't afford one, but now you have a bunch of money from doing that boring desk job all these years, this is your chance. It's cheaper than a boat and fits in your bonus room! Tell all your friends how cool you are and show them the light pen (go ahead… they won't laugh… they don't even know how to pronounce "bezier"). For the rest of us… meh.

  5. I so do not understand what this can do that is not easily accomplished with a decent computer and some software at 1/10th the price. And that interface seems pointlessly cryptic.

    Oh…wait… ROTATING 3D GRAPHS???? Let me get my checkbook!!!

  6. I'm more interested in the iPhone version.

    But it seems pretty clear that this is a niche instrument for people that already have a lot invested in Fairlight workflows.

    If you're a band that has a bunch of old Fairlight work, something like this probably looks like a bargain.

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