Fairlight CMI-30A Sampling


In this second video preview of the new Fairlight CMI-30A, founder Peter Vogel demonstrates the sampling page.

Vogel notes, “This video includes what is probably the most expensive method of generatng a sawtooth wave known to mankind.”

A bit of trivia: The sounds samples in the making of this demo are used in the sting at the start and end of the video. Listen on big speakers.

See our previous Fairlight CMI-30a post for more info and the Fairlight site for the latest specifications and pricing.

8 thoughts on “Fairlight CMI-30A Sampling

  1. Vogel has fantastically and dramatically overestimated the value and interest of his brand.

    Bankruptsy #2 in 5..4..3..2..1

  2. I'm impressed by how colossally baroque this synth is. Everything is exponentially harder to do than with a conventional sampler or DAW, it is completely anti-ergonomic, and costs more than a decent home studio. It's got to be some kind of record. It dares to be not only useless, but almost black-hole like in its ability to invert everything we've come to expect a sampler to be. I have to applaud its Dadaness and the its unprecedented level of pretension. I'm not sure I could name a musical tool so deliberately and needlessly backward in recent memory. Bravo!

  3. After the crap he pulled with 1st adopter customers like myself of his iPad app, I dont respect him or his brand. Bite dust. I let them know too.

  4. Degradation of mankind proceeds.
    I shall not be surprised, if tomorrow will let out a digital audio player, which will store music on Compact Cassette))) Just for retro people

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