A Tribute To Nicole Bernard

Many you are familiar with James Bernard – a product specialist for Propellerhead Software.

Bernard has created dozens of tutorials for Propellerhead, including as series of 52 excellent tutorials for Propellerhead Reason & Record.

We’ve featured Bernard’s tutorials frequently, because he works by sharing his enthusiasm for what you can do with the software, instead of trying to hype features.

I learned via sound designer Kurt Kurasaki (Peff) & Oliver Chesler (WireToTheEar) that Bernard’s wife Nicole Bernard died July 13th, from leukemia:

On July 13, 2011, James’ wife, Nicole, passed away. Nicole was 36 years old and was the mother of their four children, Ava, Chloe, Mia and Asher. People in the user community are leaving their expressions of sympathy on on the Propellerhead User Forum in this thread.

Bernard wrote this track, Guidance & Courage, as tribute to his wife and as a message to his children, with the help of lyricist and vocalist Olivia Broadfield.

A trust account for the Bernard’s children has been set up in memory of Nicole Bernard. Information is available at Peff.com.

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  1. My deepest respect in this sad hour! words can be few in theses times, therefore I'll just send you my condolences…

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