iPad vs Korg M3 Shredfest

Rio Ricardo demonstrates his approach to shredding on the iPad, with SampleWiz, and the Korg M3.

We always welcome gratuitous displays of keyboard pyrotechnics – but we hope that Ricardo will include a little ‘synth face’ next time…..

via Space4Keys:

Ipad Samplewiz combined with NEW WAH LEADS On Korg M3 by RIO RICARDO ( S4K )

performed by Rio Ricardo ( http://www.youtube.com/user/myshiteru ) S4K TEAM MEMBER!!!


6 thoughts on “iPad vs Korg M3 Shredfest

  1. sweet first comment and that was F**KIN AWESOME! and no we dont need a synth face jordan ruined that its best compared trying to look cool playin a keytar

  2. One simply cannot have enough iOS stories here. It's not possible.

    Great vid.

    +1 for having been spared from seeing JR's troll face yet again.

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