iPhone 4 Getting USB MIDI, Audio

We haven’t seen anything official on this – but it looks like iOS 5 – the new version of the iPhone operating system, will support MIDI and audio, like the iPad.

This video captures a demo of using a USB MIDI keyboard with an iPhone 4, via the iPad Camera Connection Kit.

Details below. 

via kalitbri:

iOS5 beta enables iPhone4 to use iPad Camera Connection Kit.

This makes iPhone to be the smallest and most flexible USB MIDI sound module!
Hoping to see more synth app (especially those ones currently on iPad
only) comes to iPhone!

In this video I connect M-Audio ProKeys 88 to iPhone via iPad Camera Connection Kit.
The app I used in demonstration is bs-16i.

8 thoughts on “iPhone 4 Getting USB MIDI, Audio

  1. This is all fine and dandy, but there *still* isn't a true MIDI-OUT SEQUENCER APP where we can load our own midi files, with the ability to mute or solo channels. I ain't talkin' 'bout the apps that control some cheeseball built-in GM soundset, either. I want to use my iPad as a portable hardware sequencer without carting around my laptop! (yes I am spamming this message, sort of…. at least until a developer answers to this)

  2. Have you checked out bs-16i? It has the ability to play MIDI files and solo/mute channels.

    Thanks Synthtopia for posting my videos btw 🙂

  3. Before u get too wrapped up in a sense of midi entitlement, remember that OSC is a lovely thing, especially because once u get it down, the TouchOSC Editor is the bees knees when it comes to stealing other people’s hard work and customizing it for your workflow!

    Right now I’m really into this Reaktor step sequencer made by a user called BerlinerMonoSequencer. Brilliant piece of work, and though it’s built for iPad, I customized it so it works lean and mean on my iPhone. No sense waiting on a dev when u can do it yourself

  4. Hi, i’m trying to conect my MIDI Keyboard (Samson Carbon 49) to my iphone 4 (ios 6.1), i installed cydia, GarageBand and connectorCamera, and the configuration looks nice, but it not work.

    When i connect the MIDI Keyboard (USB), it is not accepted, there no error, but it not work.

    Do you know if i need any adicional software ?, controllers or similar software for ios ?

    Thank, i hope that you can help me.


    *sorry for my english

  5. This post is missing one very key piece of info. The iPhone 4 won’t do midi. He is using an iPhone 4s. Don’t know how that never gets mentioned…

  6. This is not using any midi platform, it is using normal analog audio.
    Only normal raw audio is traveling trough the cables. You can clearly see that on the ipad, i don’t see input signals but audio waves

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