AirVox Turns Your iPhone Into A Gesture Controlled Synthesizer

Yonac Software has introduced AirVox – a gesture-controlled synthesizer for the iPhone and iPod touch.


  • Move right hand up and down to control musical note / pitch
  • Move left hand back & forth to control any one of 9 tonal parameters like volume or vibrato (you can turn this feature on or off: it is turned off by us on the first-launch preset to make starting out easier)
  • Use other hand motions or gestures for even finer control
  • AirVox has 50 musical scales, each with settable root note and octave range.
  • AirVox has a complete sound engine, made of dual oscillators, many waveforms, musical filters and audio FX, including vibrato, delay, and tremolo.
  • AirVox has 48 built-in presets. Tweak knobs and save any number of your own.
  • Record and share your music via email, wifi or SoundCloud (also Twitter & Facebook via SoundCloud)

Note: AirVox uses the front camera. The devices that have a front camera are: iPhone 4, iPad 2 and iPod Touch 4th Gen.

AirVox is available in the App Store for $2.

4 thoughts on “AirVox Turns Your iPhone Into A Gesture Controlled Synthesizer

  1. i'm kind of bored of this kind of thing already. seems a little gimmicky. incorporating the technology into something bigger might give it more relevance, but by itself it's another toy.

  2. hehe…yeah this is kinda like trying to teach your cat to do stupid tricks…when it can do so much more.

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